SOLVED: Qubino ZMNHCD (roller shutter) Slider not working after qubino 3.0.2 update

Hi all
Ever since the auto update of the qubino app to v3.0.2 together with homey update to v3.0.0, i have troubles using the qubino app for roller shutter.
I am aware of the fact that i was a beta tester and that this update may lead to some unrecognized qubino devices and that some flows may be broken. For my device only the latter should be applicable.
So all my roller shutter devices in homey app are still available and even all flows are intact. However, when i slide the position of the roller shutter within the app, there is no reaction of the actual device. I have 16 roller shutters (ZMNHCD) and this observation holds for all.

Furthermore, i do know that the devices are not malfunctions. All of them have been working until the update. Furthermore, after the update I can (re)calibrate them by putting the value if tag id 78 to 1. The shutters close and open automatically afterwards for recalibration. But unfortunately, also after the calibration the sliders are non-functional.
Can anyone help me out here?

After removing the devices and adding them again, everything works fine again.