Qubino mini dimmer (ZMNHHD1) "app not found"

Check, thanks.

Not very familiar with the branching strategy in the current repo.

Just installed my 3 mini dimmers. But I cannot add them to Homey. :thinking: Installed the latest feature/migration branch on the Homey. There is still some work to do.

Please share your experiences. I am having some issues with the Fibaro dimmers that I hope this one might solve:

  • lower minimum dim level
  • less sensitive to provider signals on the power cable so lights won’t brighten/dim automatically at set times every day

I’m eager to hear feedback on the low-level flickering also.

I think this can be caused by devices for which no specific driver is installed. Look at this thread for (a bit) more information.

I saw this post yesterday. But what is meant by “created a driver for my device”? Isn’t the driver part of the repo?

It looks like it, but it’s an actively developed branch so who knows.

Any luck with this?

Does anyone know if the mini is able to act in an hotel schakeling?

I just got my three mini’s up and running :ok_hand::ok_hand:

I installed the latest feature/migration branch. I had to change the compatibility version from 3.0.0 to 2.0.0.

“compatibility”: “>=2.0.0”,

That’s the only change I made to the code base. I don’t know what’s the reason for targeting 3.0.0 instead of 2.0.0.

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That’s good to hear, how are they? What is the lowest wattage you can dim to?

And do they work in a two way switch configuration?

They are pretty expensive so went to Make sure they fit my needs.

A lot has changed behind the scenes with the migrations branch, some functions used in this migration are only in Homey v3 and can brake your existing devices when doing it on Homey v2

No issue at my setup for now. I removed all drivers from the code except the ZMNHHD driver for the mini.

I can dim back to a number between 0-1 watt. But the app doesn’t show a number between 0 and 1.

They are expensive but really small. That’s reason for me to buy them. I also have Fibaro Dimmers but they are larger.

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Can someone help me with adding the ZMNHHD1 on Homey, unfortunately the dimmer is not in the app and also not in the Beta version. I also tried to add the dimmer under a different name but unfortunately did not succeed

Update from Athom, they works on a big update included ZMNHHD1, they are now testing the devices and the App. When the update comes online asap.

Do they say when the new update is going to be released?

There is a ‘new’ beta available on github which has a lot of changes, among them is the support for the mini dimmer. You could install it through CLI or just wait. Don’t know for how long though.

Just ordered a mini for 60 euro’s. Installed the 3.0.2 beta app through CLi. Probably will arrive tomorrow morning. Let’s see if I can get those LED’s in the living to dim ;-), doesn’t work with the dimmer2, they stay on or don’t dim to a reasonable level.

Is the beta 3.0.2 working with the minis?

I’m still running my own hacky version of the Qubino app :wink: