Qubino Mini Dimmer issues

I had a couple of Qubino Mini dimmers working with the beta branch of the Qubino app. I did some changes to my electrical stuff at home and removed the Qubino Mini dimmers from the Homey. I also updated the Qubino app to version 3.0.2 because this version is supporting the dimmers ZMNHHD.

Right now I am not able to add the dimmers anymore. Anyone a clue?

Before Including, Exclude the devices via: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zwave

keep the device close to Homey ( less then 20 cm )

I tried this I think 50 times but not at 20cm… I will give it a try…

Someone made a nice post about it.

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Thanks, 5cm makes a big difference :thinking:

It works…


Do this minis update the power values?

Update: Tested it with the mini dimmer. Power reporting works flawless

I’ve been playing around with mini dimmer for two weeks, but works quite weird.

Switches off itself sometimes. I can see in the device log, that it was switched off… but related flows rule differently. Is there any log solution which points to what exactly switches off this mini dimmer?