Qubino mini dimmer (ZMNHHD1) not showing up in app

I have a Qubino ZMNHHD1 Mini dimmer, however in the homey app I can only find the product (ZMNHHD), and when trying to include this to my homey, it does not work. I have reset the unit by holding in the service button for 6 seconds, then I press 3 times within 3 seconds, but nothing.
I have 1 6W led spotlight 230V connected to it.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

ZMNHHD is perfect for you, the “1” at the end does only mean: “European frequency”, al your Z-Wave devices will have a “1” at that position, but the App is international, so it will not show this figure.

Then you have any clue why I cant connect it? I press 3 times on the service button, while in the ZMNHHD setup in homey, and nothing is happening :confused:

Keep it very close (< 20cm) to Homey while including.