Properties of devices

Hello, I have a question: Is it possible to change the properties of devices, e.g. from “light” to “switch” or “heat”? the problem is with Google Home which imports devices from Homey with their properties and cannot be changed. In my case I have Sonoff zigbee01 which is present as “light/bulb” but I use it as a switch which is not connected to the light but due to the feature it is connected to other light sources.

For socket-type devices, you can set “What’s plugged in” in the device’s settings:

I can’t find info on “Sonoff zigbee01” so no idea if that’s added as a switch to Homey.

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Thanks for the answer. I misspelled the name of the device, it should be 01minizb, but only the name, icon and zone can be changed, the field “plugged in” is not present

It’s a bit strange that that device is added as a light. But if it is, you can’t change it and you may have to resort to creating a virtual device of the right class that “follows” this device.