Changing device icon

Is there a way of changing the device icon. When installing, I did choose for the icon which is the picture of the device itself (kaku).

Now with the ‘voice call’, “lichten uit (lights off)”, it only switches of the ones where I choose the lightbulb. Logical but, …

… how to change?

Do I have to install all my devices again?

You indeed have to remove and add the device again. This is because there are certain ‘capabilities’ connected to that device that can not be changed ‘on the fly’

Nagh, … I thought so. Pity.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have the same problem. Some light strips have that icon and some display as bulbs. However, when I removed it and reinstalled it there was no option to choose an icon. I’m picky in these things so it frustrates me that I can’t have all the lightships have a lighststrip icon. Same goes for my spots.

Icons cannot be changed. When include a device, it chooses the driver that corresponds with the device, and the driver also determines the icon for that device.

Please note that it is not the icon that determines if Homey thinks something is a light, as stated in the first post. For instance on smart sockets the device settings have an option to select the device that is plugged in. If you choose light there, it will behave as such, e.g. show the yellow dot when turned on.

The same goes for Google Home, it will use the class associated with what is set in the options for things such as sockets or relay switches.

Very strange. Same strips, same brand, different icons. No user edit available.
Really hope Homey will make changing the icons an option in future updates.

Great news! The beta Homey app in testflight just added custom icon, among others:

  • Make device icon user selectable
  • Make device status indicator user selectable
  • Add battery device status indicator
  • Add numeric device status indicator
  • Smoke, CO and fire alarms will always override selected device status indicator
  • Add haptic feedback in a number of key scenarios
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These new features are easy to use and showing a user selectable value on the icon is really useful.


Will it also be brought to homeydash? :blush:

Hoping that in the near future we will also be able to upload our own icons to the Homey to use in combination with this new function. Fingers crossed

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@ athom, Any chance we can have an icon for Window (e.g
Sensative strip), and ceiling fan?