Bottoms, symbols e clicking

Dear Homey team,

I’m a proud homey owner since a month, switching from Homee to you. So far I am quite satisfied, what I noticed however immediately the symbols and the buttons on the homescreen. I used e.g. fibaro double switches and dimmers where I connected lamps, that’s what I chose, but why doesn’t a yellow lamp appear on the botton like on normal lamps? Nice would also be if you could change the logo, so I see the symbol of the switch, but more ideal would be if you could select a lamp? You copied the usability pretty much from Apple Home, but there you can open or close a roller blind by clicking on the button, not with homy, that only works with the lamp. Can you consider these remarks in the development? When can Homey 3.0 be tested?

Kindly regards Philipp

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Unfortunately Athom is not prpesent here.
Such feature requests should be addressed directly to Athom.

But I agree with you, a free selection of device icons, but not only for switches but also for doors, windows, shutters, garage door, … I miss too!

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I use the group app to change icons. When there is only one item in the group app it works exactly the same as the item would. But I have more control over certain aspects.

I’ve considered creating an app which more closely clones custom capabilities but with a new icon … but always held out hope that Athom will fix this oversight. I think it comes down to a difference in philosophy - Athom show what the device is to allow automation. Where as I want a representation of what the device is for better control / dashboard.