App appearance and ease of use

Hi Athom,

  1. Please make it possible to sort device icons in a room. Currently it is alphabetical which is a real pain. The ability to group devices would massively improve ease of use.

  2. Please make it possible to select the startup tab for Homey. Currently the app always starts in the ‘Home’ tab. Which makes no sense because when I (or my family) want to use the app 99 out of 100 times you want to control a device. So starting up in the device tab makes way more sense from an end user perspective.

This isn’t the place to contact Athom, this is a community forum.

You were already told here how to reach Athom.

Creating a new topic here won’t change anything.

Hi @Henk_Renting @robertklep sorry for not understanding. I did go to the support page that was suggested. However that page in my mind is not for feature requests. So I searched for ideas/suggestions requests and ended up in the ideas/suggestion request topic. Why is not not useful to create a feature request here?

Trying to understand.

Simply because Athom does not (actively) read along here.

The support page is the only way to go.