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I probably overlooked but I can not find the answer to two questions:

  1. is it possible to start the app in the ‘devices’ screen instead of the ‘home’ screen. After all you always first have to go to the devices screen to control devices.
  2. is it possible to order the devices in the room in the devices screen? Currently it is alphabetical but I would like to group them.
  1. No, unfortunately not.
  2. No, but you can use this workaround: put a number in front of the device.
    Like:1. temperature sensor X, 2. Light bulb Y, etc.
    Homey sorts the devices then according those numbers.
    You could extend this like 1.1, 1.2, etc as well if you want to combine sensors, lights, etc.

2023 :joy::joy:

thanks @Henk_Renting indeed @Dennis_H74 2023.

@Athom_homey this is weird. Please put this on your short term roadmap. You make a very cool product and then not these two superbasic features?

You can add the most important devices to your “favorites”, then they appear directly after opening the app, even the order is selectable.

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Why do you tag @Athom_homey? It’s an empty account

If you want to reach Athom, go to Support | Homey

because I did not know it was an empty account. It popped up.