Place Icons in Homey App in Specific Order


Currently I am very busy with programming and testing the Homey, which is a fantastic device! Hence I have question about the order of the icons in the Homey App. I thought that this was alphabetic, but when I am renaming the icons, the position will not change…

I want the Temperature control at position 1 in a zone, Light at position 2 and Movement Sensors at position 3. So I thought by renaming i to:

For example: Keuken 1Thermostaat, Keuken 2Light; Keuken 3Doorsensor

That the app will put it in specific alphabetic order, but this does not appear in this way. Does anyone have suggestions?

Kind Regards, Dennis

You can place your devices in the “Favorites” part of the home screen, there you are able to move the device to the place in the list where you want it. This order is also used in the HomeyDash screen.