Zones order change everytime


Suddenly, this afternoon, the order of my ‘zones & apparaten’ are changing and there is no logic. Always another order. Even if started with a number.
My logical order of all my zones are starting from the front towards the back my house.

No settings changed.
Resetted the homey > no help!

You mean that you created a flow that will do stuf with devices in the various zones in the last column? As far as I understood the way the cards in the then column are handled is at random. So the order in which you define them isn’t always used.

A way to force this would be to add a certain delay intothe various cards.

It sounds like they mean the order of the zones in the left sidebar on the “Zones & Apparaten” page. Wasn’t there a bug many months ago that caused something similar?

That’s not the case. Robert picked it up correctly. It is the sidebar in the ‘zones & apperaten’ tab.
It was doing okay for the last three weeks. You can order your zones, which one is at the top and in the sequence after.
Everytime, I start up the homey program on the computer., it is disorderred. Rearranging the zones and it returns to a different sequence.


@Robert, … you where writing about a bug? Is there a story about it already?


Looks to me ur using the Homey desktop app?
If so, can u try to use the Chrome browser, ignore the warning and see what happens?

I am using the chrome browser.
The dissorder is also showing on the homey app on my telephone, including the homey-preview app.

Ok. Maybe @Bram can have a look at this? ^^

And this is the result after just switching from ‘flows’ back again to ‘apparaten’.

Nothing happened in between, no light switch, no flows changing, … nothing at all.

A different order again!

Something is chewing on the bits and bytes?


I’ve never experienced this bug myself, but I seem to remember something similar happening to people a while ago (around 1.5.9? not sure). Perhaps others remember.

I have the same issue. Running latest beta on Chrome and desktop App on Mac. Happened once or twice. I re-arrange them to the original and now it seems stable.

I wil try again once more. Thanks for the feedback.

I have the same thing using the desktop app on Windows. Zones changing place randomly. I’ve stopped reordering because it seems a waste of time. Parts of my garden have spread around parts of the house. Certain rooms have been disconnected from their floor. Floors have changed place.

Do you also use a weblogin via you tablet?
I have noticed this behaviour on my ipad while logging in via safari.

Turned out I was doing it myself! Unnoticed…
When I want to scroll the page
Doing that with a swipe on the left side ofop the page goes OK.
But when I do it on the right right, it sometimes picks up a flow item and throws it into a different zone (swiping). When it happens you can see a small arrow on the left moving from one location to the other

Hi @FKey, no, I was using the desktop app. Apparently more people have experienced the same bug.