[Feature Request] Organize Flows automatically by Zones

Feature Request for:

  • Homey Core Firmware
  • Homey Mobile App
  • Athom Web App

As a Homey Manager/User
I want in Flows - Folders to see my Zones as a filter for my Flows
to automate the ordening (Filtering) of flows that apply to the Zone or Devices in that particular Zone.

With the growing number of Flows it takes more time to order or find the Flows. (Did I put it below the Trigger, or in what “Zone” or other folder…)

Once I navigate to Flow-Folders - Zones -Groundfloor - Living Room
I want to see (Dynamically filtered) all flows that have Cards for that particular zone AND all flows triggering on Devices from that Zone, AND all flows acting on the Device in that zone.
I think this could be in parallel to the current Custom FlowFolders where Flows are ordered manually.

The benefit of the FlowZones is that a Flow triggering on activity in fe the Garage but switching a Light in the Living is presented in both views (Beside the Custom FlowFolder Where I moved it) and is automatically updated if I move one of the devices to another zone.

Automate what you can :wink:


For me as advanced flow creator I am against.

I am very happy with the fact that I can create my own Flow (sub) folder structure. And of course some will be following the zone names, but a lot of flows are not bound to specific flows, but to specific functions which are sometimes over multiple zones, or not bound to stuff in zone at all.

It is good as it is now :wink:

I did not request to remove the current manual Flow Folders :wink:
Just automatic ZonesFolder with Filtering.

so like choosing:
All Folders => Current solution (Manual Folders)
±–> Folders tree
Zone Folders => My suggestion with automatic Filtering
±-> Zones tree

Are you than also against?

I’m also hoping there is a function like “SMART FOLDERS” like on OSX. You create folders with specific search terms and it will populate flows that has the desired search terms into that one dynamic folder. It doesn’t need to always update, maybe once everytime that folder is expanded/clicked on.

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No, but I would like to be able to switch the function off, if there is no option to enable/disable this function, then I still be against it.