Noob questions

First posting for Homey noob:

I got my Homey yesterday after trading in the Animus I had on trial.
Homey noob, non programer.

#1 I currently have around 40 devices in my house that Homey has aded under the Home folder.
We can´t have that as it’s a mess.
When creating (renaming an existing folder) a new folder called "garage I want my temp sensor and my remote 230V switch under the garage folder.

Apparently, trying to add existing devices from inside the folder doesn’t work. As it hten wants to search for a new device.
From whar I understand I can’t drag and drop devices from the home file to the garage file.

Does that mean I have to erase devices from under Home, to add the under the folder I really want them?

Kind regards
Your Homey beginner

Go to the device’s settings (open the device by a long tap, then tapping the gear icon in the top right), there you can select to which zone the device should be in

Got it!
Thnx a lot!!

My second question is about flows. Do you Homey Pro’s have a recomendation for a good approach when it comes to setting up flows.
I do get the basics of how to create a flow.
But I was wondering how to keep it structured and organised.

I did som searchin in the forum and there are some discussions on the topic, but I’m curious about your opinions on managing flows.

Again, thnx for a prompt and consice answer to my previous question.

Use for more convenient way to build up flows from PC. Create folders based on rooms or areas of automation where you will place your flows. E.g. security, light control, heating, routines etc.

Thanks again!