Advanced Flow improvements

First of all - thank you for the great platform, I love Homey and can’t wait for the the new Homey Pro.

I just migrated all my flows to advanced flows and there were several things that could be improved to make the UX even better.
Things that annoyed me + how it could be improved

  1. Devices that have a on/off state have a card for “Turn on” or “Turn off”.
    → I often have both cases, why is there no card that is Turn on/off with a dropdown?

  2. Zone/Alarm triggers should also have “The zone became active/inactive” card with TRUE/FALSE output as a light “Is turned on” thing has.

  3. When I select a trigger/action card it’s annoying to select the previous zone/device again. I saw in a video that when you right click → replace a device, it gives you the same context as before.
    I think this could be the default behaviour. Just keep the selected zone/device opened, going back is still easy due to the current layout!

And some small thing that I recognised even Alex had in the video.
If you press on the right-click → Add button in the context menu, it shouldn’t hide the submenu