Remove or reorder a zone

After the update to 2.0.0 (stable) I started to arrange my devices in to more zones. One of the old zones ‘Begane grond’ that has no more devices cannot be removed. After trying to remove this zone the name cannot be changed also. After a Homey reboot the name can be changed again however removing the zone is still not possible. No errror messages are shown. This is the first zone in the zone list below the ‘root’ zone ‘Thuis’.

Is there a way to reorder how the zones are listed, they are now ordered in creation order…

In homey v2.0.1 the zones will be ordered alphabetical, ordering them otherwise is not possible (yet), you can “sort” the then by changing the name (IE 1Living Room).

As for not being able to delete downstairs you’ll have to contact athom on their support, as they don’t read along here (most of the time).

You can only remove zones which are empty, As its not currently possible to reorder, you will need to create a support ticket to request this new feature.

The zone is empty so that may not be the problem here.
Thanks for your help, I will contact Athom support.

Did this get resolved?

Just got my new Homey Pro - how do you rename Zones or create/delete them - I have going around and around the interface but cannot figure it out.

Thanks to anyone who responds

Go to the Zones page, in right upper corner, there is a cog-wheel, press that, tip on the wanted zone, an right arrow is shown, tip that arrow, and if the zone is empty, the Remove button will be shown.

Awesome - Thanks :slight_smile:

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