Android bug reports

Since the repo is read only (and Github is not really user friendly) I would like to create a new but report topic.

Device: Samsung S10e
Homey app version 4.2.1

Bug: If you add a zone, delect a device and place it in that zone, you won’t be able to find either the zone or the device.

Work arround: You need to force close the app for the zone and device to reappear.

Likely solution: I think some reload of the view after adding a zone or adding a first device to a zone is required.

Users who experience this bug will be searching for “added device to a zone, device is gone” or “can’t find device after adding it to a new zone”.

This is a community forum, not officially followed by Athom. Bug reports should be submitted here:

Super, that’s why I added the “what users would search for”, because there is also a solution in there. Maybe we could update the " Report bugs here." text in the Questions & Help topic description.