Removing Zones from Advanced Flow creations

Just got this Homey Pro. Started by renaming the zones from the default setup. When I had added some devices and wanted to make my first flow, i had some empty zones in the menu.

My zones

My current zones

My zone in the creation flow.

I like to delete all the empty zones so they dont fill the page.

Also some zones have under zones:
Under zones

Any idears how to do that?


My zones

My zones created under Units/devices

Under zones

Mobile app:
Devices tab > hit the zone name top-left
Hit the gear top-right
Hit a zone
When it’s empty, you can hit Remove

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Remove them in the Devices view in the Web App

  • Right click behind name …

Hi Dijker and Peter

Without doing anything, this morning all the empty zones have disappeard when i logged onto the Web client.

Strange .-)