Suggestions for the app

I am quite new to Homey so I may have missed that there are already features for my suggestions, but here are some things I am missing or have reacted to in the app:

  • Half of the Home screen is occupied by the timeline from which I do not receive any useful information. Instead, I would like favorite units and flows to have more space. So the ability to decide for yourself what to display on the home screen is my wish.

  • I would have liked to have my own section for values ​​from sensors where you get a quick overview instead of separate icons. I would also like the surface of the icons to be used more efficiently so that there is more space on the home screen. Why, for example, for a temperature/humidity/pressure sensor only temperature is displayed when there is room for all values ​​in the icons. Being able to choose between different sizes of icons would have been great.

  • Sometimes Home and sometimes Devices open when I start the app, I would like to set what is displayed when I start the app so that I always get to the home screen.

  • In the list of devices, it is difficult to quickly get an overview over the house. It would have been nice if you could get a list of all the rooms in the house and then click to go deeper and quickly find the unit you are looking for.

I understand that everyone has different needs, but I really just want more flexibility to be able to adapt the app to one’s own behavior.

This is already way better in the web app.

What do you mean differently from the room picker on top in the mobile apps, or the list to the left of the web version? If you order your house hierarchically with floors and rooms you can zoom in by floor/room

Ok, I may have been vague but all my suggestions are about the mobile app.

What I meant differently from the room picker is that I would like to get an overview of my rooms instead of a screen filled with all my devices, so that I can directly select rooms. When you scroll quickly in the list of devices, it is difficult to see which room you are in because the headings are faded. To me, it feels more logical, but maybe it’s just that I need to get used to it.

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When u click on “home” at the top of the page u get all the rooms aye?

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Yes, that’s true, but I wish I could get that overview without clicking further and that it was possible to adapt which rooms / units I want quick access to. If you have many rooms and units, the list quickly becomes confusing. If the home screen was more customizable, it probably would not have been a problem really. My point is that I want fast access to the devices I use most frequently and there I see that there is potential for improvement.

What mobile device are you using? When you cold start the app it’s alway the home screen…

I use iPhone

“We know what users want.”
In other words: not gonna happen, just because.