Customizable homey app

Maybe requested multiple times but will Homey get a option to customize the app?

The app for sure is an improvement compared to the previous version but it is still nog optimal for family use.
The tablet view is just a blown up version of the phone app and the buttons are way too big (we could see more buttons on the screen if the size only could be editted)
Also it would be great to see a split in sensors and switches. Now there is a split for devices and flows, but i would like to choose what i would like to see on the home or favorite page.
And 3rd: an option to have information of choice visible on the tiles. For some this is already fixed (Nest temp) but I have multiple temp sensors I need to longpress a button to see the temp, which i think is kind off silly …

Hope the guys of Athom also focus on supporting everybody with a wish for using Homey within the family and not only for the mobile phone users…
A lot of topics on mqtt an or OpenHAB but these are workarounds for where you need to have a college degree.

They have done a great job so far as i really love Homey. Now the nest step would be a tablet on the wall… Not with the use of workarounds but with Homey customizable UI :sunglasses:

The current ‘Tablet App’ is not the ‘tablet app’ as you have noticed.

The ‘tablet app’ is still in development. Re: Dashboard/Tablet

WeeJeWel [17 hours ago]
Yeah. And if you want device control, just wait until we’re done with the iPad app and glue one to your wall :