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The Home Remote Custom App UI

I realise we do not have a good tablet UI for the Homey app and also the phone app is not customisable.
This doesn’t bode well for installers or some users who want a Centralised Tablet for Home Control of products and automation,
The Home Remote app and designer tool http://thehomeremote.com/ allows users/integrators to create a customisable UI for tablets and phones. I have used this for Zipato.
I would like to gauge the communities interest in having them add support for Homey Hubs? As this will cost me a lot of money.

I would pay for support for a local mode only to begin with as i mainly want a wall mount tablet friendly version that we can install in clients homes. Then add a remote connection option later.
It supports many controllers and products, but is not very user friendly for designers as it is very complex, great for developers though, and support is top notch.
As I haven’t used the new Homey app with V2.0 yet, I was wondering what your experience is with it on Tablets, and whether this is something we should pursue on behalf on the community or just for ourselves for our own custom UI’s.
Your feedback is appreciated.


Be aware that the Web API is not (yet) stable, and there is, as of yet, no generic authentication management available. The API endpoints are also undocumented, there’s only a Node.js module available to interact with the API.

Strangely enough I tried Home Remote just this last week. I am very impressed so far. It isn’t the easiest app to get into but it seems very powerful and flexible. It’s along the same lines as the now Kramer acquired $100 iRule, but for a much more interesting £5 per client platform. It’s not appropriate for average consumers though… but perhaps that suits you ?

I think this is well worth investigating …but … there’s quite a lot of politics and positioning at the moment plus you’re on shifting sand technically with Athom’s aspirations and restrictions.


May way of trying to solve both the lacking of a ‘customizable dashboard’ and the missing ‘advanced (desktop) flow editor’ problems is: MQTT Gateway. The first release of the MQTT gateway app (Homey 1.5 & 2.0) is submitted to the app store and currently in review by Athom. I’m using the MQTT protocal to communicate with Node RED & create a dashboard with Node RED Dashboard. A quick search reveals The Home Remote also has a MQTT Client to communicate over MQTT.


Looks promising :muscle::+1:

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Very interested in your MQTT app as I use it extensively here in my HA system. NodeRED too although I don’t use their dashboard.

I have played briefly with HomeRemote but it’s a very frustrating app to get to grips with, very capable but lacks any useful recent documentation with their community forum being the place to go but very archaic. It needs a drag and drop interface.

… but I’m still persevering with HR and the MQTT plugin seems to work… once you do battle to understand how.

I started a new topic for the MQTT Gateway. So this one can stay on topic.

Thanks for all your feedback.
@robertklep I’ll get Bill the developer to liaise with Athom for this and hopefully they can put something in place soon.
I’ll also ask Bill if he can put together a video on the MQTT integration tutorial. I know he is very busy and wont get time to do this for a while, but it will help others in the future.

As for using The Home Remote, yes as I said, its not the easiest to use. But once Bill integrates Homey into it officially, it will auto generate pages for your Homey Hub/s, then you can simply cut copy and paste your own pages and or layout in.