Icons in colour

Is it possible to colour the icons in the Homey app? So that the user can choose his own colour. Espacialy when the user gets lots of icons it is very handy.

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Thank you for your warm welcome!

I promise the ppl at Athom read the forum too :wink: They are just not officially here :smile:

Sorry if you did not feel greeted in a good way @JanH, the forum is moderated by ppl like you and me and all ideas and questions are welcome as long as they concern Homey or home automation.

They do not read every single post, however the more active and the more an idea is discussed, the more likely that a thread in this forum will be read by Athom.

It’s an ‘ideas & suggestions’ let’s try and keep the post positive, constructive and collaborative going forward.

I sent you a quick message, after posting here to let you know of the post. The change in policy is quite simple, rather then close or shut down threads which relate to Homey, we would like to foster a positive, constructive and collaborative forum where all ideas and suggestions can be shared and worked upon.

While ideas can be sent through the feature request form, people should feel welcome to discuss and refine ideas upon these boards. Knowing not only will a more refined idea be more attractive but also more more active the thread in this forum the more likely that Athom will be reading along.

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