Problems with the routing of Zigbee Ikea Tradfri devices

Hi all,

Like others, I have problems with Zigbee devices after having updated to 8.1.0.
Most devices work except for IKEA Tradfri. In my case, the problem is most likely caused due to a change in the routing of the Zigbee devices.
The malfunctioning Zigbee devices are now being routed via IKEA Tradfri devices in the garden that are only online when it is dark, since they are powered off by a device that detects the amount of light and only then powers on. This device is not smart and not integrated in Homey.
What I did so far:

  • Removing the Tradfri lights in the garden from Homey
  • Rebooting Homey
  • Removing one of the malfunctioning Tradfri lights and then trying to add (doesn’t work unfortunately)
  • Replaced the power adapter for Homey, a solution provided here (I have an early 2016 model)

The status now:

  • All malfunctioning Tradfri lights don’t work, in the routing nodes that they use, I know see a ? icon, instead of the previously node for the garden light)
  • When the garden lights are turned on, then all devices work, also the Tradfri ones that malfunction during the day.
  • All other devices like Hue, KiKa and Aqara seem to work, even when they were originally routed via that garden light. It did not give a problem then and it is also not a problem now (I mean that node is now a ? but the devices and the flows work fine)

So, the problem is with Tradfri but I have no idea how to solve this. As a last resort I know I can reset the Zigbee network but that sounds incredibly painful because I believe that means I need to add all devices and fix all flows. And since the Tradfri devices didn’t get added, I don’t want to risk that all my Tradfri devices don’t get added, since they do work when the garden lights are on)

Any suggestions?

Yes, make sure all zigbee devices that have routing capabilities will always be powered, no exceptions. Next, give your zigbee network some time to settle on routing

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That’s just asking for problems, you’re basically breaking your network every time you switch off those lights. Smart lights are meant to be powered on all the time.

Homey cannot force devices to use a particular route(r), so if those devices happen to choose the garden lights, and you remove power from those, you have to pray that the devices are smart enough to find another route. And a lot of devices, especially battery-powered ones, aren’t that smart.

Thanks @DaneedeKruyff and @robertklep for your fast reply.

I will then indeed replace my smart lights outside as a first step. Do you happen to know the time it takes for the routing the be settled? I have been waiting for a couple of days now.

And just something else that I wonder… I have had this setup with these devices and flows for months. Did the firmware update indeed cause the routing to reset? Reason for me asking is that this never gave a problem but I have added the garden lights last. So I was thinking that the routing doesn’t normally reconfigure itself without any reason unless it is forced be something, e.g. a firmware update?

Some devices (notably Aqara) will not find a new route unless you force them by putting them into pairing mode and adding them to Homey again (which usually works without having to first remove them from Homey; Homey will just see that it’s a device it already knows and that’s fine).

It wouldn’t surprise me that a firmware update will factory-reset a device (including any routing information that it might have stored internally), and/or cause other devices to find alternative routes (like through your garden lights, if they happened to be powered on at the time the device is looking for a new route).

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Amazing, I didn’t know I could have them reroute without the need of re-adding them. Thank you!