Problem Pairing with new ikea lightbulb

Have several IKEA Tradfri lightbulbs that worked fine
But now i bought 2 new ones and i cant pair.
I toggle the switch 6 times as i use to do, but it doesnt seem to reset, so it doesnt start to pair

Anyone hade the same problem?

You just have to keep trying. The tip from the z2m website usually works: " What works is to use (very) short “on’s” and a little bit longer “off’s”, where you kill the light as soon as the bulb shows signs of turning on. Start with bulb on, then off, and then 6 “on’s”, wait in the 6th ON state. (If you try play safe and go for 7 “on’s” the reset sometimes fails.)"


That helped, never had this problem before.

It paired as a generic zigbee so its probably a new model or something