Problem Homey Bridge Not Connected

Same problem as Ed, bridge goes offline almost every day and only reconnects after unplugging. Very annoying when you are not at home for a couple of days.

Please report @PatvD , while Athom thinks this is the issue:

Peter, that’s a different problem, my bridge doesn’t reconnect from itself, once disconnected it needs to be unplugged to connect again. So the bridge is basically useless when not at home.

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I meant, report the issue to Athom please, while they think the issue is just minor. The screenshot shows their description of it.
I added the the support link for you to report right away :wink:

I have exactly the same problem… It always happens around 1:37am ± 2 minutes. The cause is following event in my Fritz!Box Fritz-Disconnect-Event. The DSL connection to the provider is automatically disconnected by the Fritz!Box before the provider does it. However, a system, that does not connect itself after a disconnect should not go to the customer. You should improve your automated integration tests :wink:

You can disable this obsolete feature in the fritz-box connection settings… I’ll test it! BUT THIS IS JUST A WORKAROUND!!!

Please notify support with this finding!