Problem adding IKEA Trådfri repeater to Homey


I´m having problems adding IKEA Trådfri repeater to Homey. Tried unplugging the repeater and resetting it by “pinning” it, and moving Homey closer to the repeater, without luck. Any further advice?

What does that mean, specifically? Are you getting errors?

It times out. When adding the device, Homey tells me to put a pin in the repeater for 15-20 seconds until the LED blinks, but it never pairs. Eventually, after maybe several minutes, it says that it could not detect anything.

Is it possible you don’t have anymore stable Zigbee network ?

Check out this for more :


…at least something, as it’s not apparent, which HP are you using, how many devices you have etc.

Thanks for advice. Tried several things, and the only solution was to reset the zigbee network (which also changed the channel to 11).