Presence detection recommendation

You might want to try changing to the community written “Location and Presence” app for the Homey and the “owntracks” application on your phone. I gave up on the native app for a reliable solution.

Maybe a virtual switch and add it in homekit
Create an automation in HomeKit
Turn of the virtual switch when wife is leaving
Turn on when entering
Then create flow :
When - (name switch) is on
Than - mark as home (name wife)

Homey Wil know when your wife is home
And you can creatie an “away” flow when leaving
Also create an automation in HomeKit of course

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A week ago I updated my Galaxy S8 to Android 9. Since then the presence detection doesn’t work anymore. Not even sporadically.
Before that it worked really well with the new Homey and Homey app version. I was glad not to have to make the detour via Tasker and webhooks anymore, which was not so reliable.
Since it worked flawlessly in Android 8 I think it is a problem with Android 9. I’ve also already turned off all the battery savers.

homey v2.0 here and android 8 (samsung S8) not working here also

I have a Mate 20 Pro with Android 9…same problem, never worked.

agreed. was not a 9.0 issue

I have the Homey app installed on a phone and a tablet (as a dashboard).

When i leave home and take my phone with me but i leave my tablet at home… What does Homey think?

Will it mark me as away or am i still at home?
Anyone experience with this setup?

You can switch presence on/off for each familymember. Maybe there is the solution

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If you setting the same person, in this case you on away with both the phone and tablet yeah ofcourse if you leave the tablet at home its not gonna work. At least if you not doing something with your flows.

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I use the IFTTT location applet, works perfect for me.


That is indeed a solution, however one has to switch manually every time one comes home or leave home. In my opinion this should go automatically (via geo or fixed ip/mac adrdress link in router).

Thanks for sharing thoughts!

Possible to share some setup screeners?

Which ones do you use?
I need one for leaving my home/location and one for entering my home/location…

Impatient aye?

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Fanatic :wink:

I use tile pro beacons and the beacon app. 100% solid!

Searched it, that’s with a token? Tile beacon

Just with the beacon app

Hi Jackass,

First create an flow in Homey similar to the picture below.

Then create a applet in IFTTT similar to the picture attached and connect is to the Homey flow.

Create 2 similar flows and applets, one for entering the area and one for leaving the area.

That’s it, hope it clear with this, in case of more questions, please ask.