Presence detection recommendation

I am not here for being nice, thnx.

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This I have seen for many times now. The most of us are.

So, u are here for being nice or looking for a decent presense detection tool for Homey?
When u are looking for a domotica controller that works 100% for everyone and for every cause then plz stop looking. When u DO find one, plz don’t tell anyone and get some worldwide patent on it.

The problem with you is that you don’t want to hear anything negative. If someone is saying anything negative you start saying the things as you do now. I am not saying that homey is bad. I am just sime telling that huawei in combination with homey is bad.

If u knew what my problem was then u would be my shrink.

Don,'t think it’s 1

U are getting off topic! Good thing there are less evil moderators nowadays!

For the last part I agree


Agreeing with you on the moderator thing. I find homey forum almost hostile sometimes … especially when CUSTOMERS are having critical notes.

On topic … in this case the former moderator is correct. There is no 100% solution ( anywhere ). Had misses with other brands also ( homewizard for example ).

Geofence is almost always working when you have good gps reception. But when my wife has the phone in her purse … below the passenger seat in the car … it simply ends. There is nothing you can change about it. If u have a phone with bad gps … its not homey …

For me on iphone x ifttt is working in 99% of the caseS for me … but yes misses to ( the wife example mostly :slight_smile: ) . The misses are frustrating but it is what it is.

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I use ifttt geofencing and it usually works. In the cases that it don’t I have a 20 sec delay before the alarm sounds. If the alarm triggers I get a confirmation-box asking me if I want to turn off the siren. If yes, the countdown stops and the alarm turns off.

Yes correct. Also there are many differnces individually and in hardware.

i have a 100% score with ifttt ( phone always in my pocket ) … my wife’s phone in her purse on the car floor has 80%. Some have an old samsung with a “so so” gps receiver … other has the newest Iphone .

Another nice one. Indoor location varies also. I sometimes play pokemon go ( sorry :joy: ). When i have pokemon open on my phone and put it on the table I see my avatar walk around. It simply keeps moving in all directions. Again … the phone is static on the table and not moving. Sometimes it even runs to the other side of town despite i’m not moving… GUESS WHAT … after 300 meters homey thinks i’m away and i’m in my house with all the lights and tv turned off :joy:. Rare but it happens.

its not pokemon bugged … not homey bugged … its just a variation of bad (indoor) GPS reception on my phone.

Same happens with pokemon when i walk the dog. When i walk like a nerd with the phone in front of me … no problem with good reception and avatar is walking at my position.

When i put it in my pocket … walk 5 mins and take it out of my pocket … then my avatar can be 500 m away … suddenly It gets good reception ( out of pocket ) and the avatar runs towards my position again.

Stupid example … but it shows it has to do with gps reception and it can happen when you approach you geofence with your phone in you pocket … your phone position is 500m away and homey does not trigger. Nothing homey can change about that unfortunately.

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Guilty :joy:

I use the fingbox in combination with ifttt. This gives a very high reliability. The fingbox knows when I am on my home wifi or not and passes it on to ifttt, with which I can start a flow. I don’t read much about this, am I the only one who uses this?

What is the difference with fingbox and just using the built-inn wifi-trigger in IFTTT?

With the built-in wifi trigger from ifttt I regularly got error detections. The fingbox has the option to set a delay in the event of absence so that a small interruption of the Wi-Fi does not lead to an absence report.
But it would be even better if an app was developed for Fingbox. Then ifttt can be disabled for attendance. I have already created a request for this.

Still got a 99.5% hit with our tile pro’s (pre-2020 edition)

Hi. Is there a way to manage Homey’s presence detection with macrodroid? Did I miss something or do you have a solution in macrodroid which communicates with Homey? Macrodroid is great btw :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I do use only Macrodroid to manage my presence.
When connected to home WiFi send a weebhook to Homey. When disconnected from home WiFi send a weebhook to homey. Actually you can implement in Macrodroid some additional check to avoid unwanted disconnections. It is simple, reliable without using a continuos ping sensing.

There is a new way to do presence detection based on face recognition.