"Aanwezigheid"/Presence (std) does not work (Nor Homey Pro 23, nor HP 16-19)

Hi there,

since Life360 stopped with the availability recently, I am looking at alternatives. One off course is “Prescence” in Homey itself. The standard solution.

However: it doesn’t work. Nor on my Homey Pro 23 nor on my Homey Pro 16-19.

Off course I checked my settings:
Homey settings:

  • “Use Home/away detection” is activated. That is on account level.
  • Both Homeys have a correct location (in the 16-19 it is fixed, so no changes when I leave)
    Android settings:
  • Settings on my android (Samsung S23 Ultra with latest version): All rights on location (always permitted) AND exact location on.
  • Other apps report my absence from home (fe TADO, Life 360, Homey on another location :slight_smile: )
  • No blockers in my modem/router (that i am aware of).

When I have left home (at a distance of 300+ m) and I change the setting manually to ‘Away’, it is not resetted when I arrive home again. Nor in the 23 Homey nor in the 16-19 Homey.

Myy wife has an iPhone, als with latest version of Homey. Her going away or returning home isn’t reported either :frowning:

So it looks like the functionality is not working at all…

I have the latest versions of Homey and Android, so unless there is a non standard setting…

What’s happening?? What have I overlooked…

Hope anyone can help.

Thanks upfront, Michel

12-1-24 Update: Out of the blue… it worked. I was outside, could not connect to Homey 23. Wifi was switched off. I switched it on again (although there were no known wifi acces points where I was), and then messages from my flow kept running in. Both from “Aanwezigheid/Presence”, as from Smart Presence.

“Schiet mij maar lek”

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When it fails on you again, you can use the unbeatable tado geofence function, with the very nice tadoZones app.

Well, for me it’s clear now. For the time being, I will stop trying to get Geofencing work. Smart Presence is late and not always reliable, Homey Presence (std) seems to be on time, but then again, not always reliable. I can’t get Owntracks and combinations with available apps running OK wiuthout errors, tutorials are outdated (or not), since they start in 2017 and the worl has changed since then. There is no renewal available, not as far as I can see.

So, my life becomes a little simpler by letting loose automation of where I am, where we are and what should happen then with heating getting on or off (mainly).

I started this topic and don’t know if I should close it now or just let it be.

My recommendation would be to organise and actualize all geo-fence related topics and mark old info as ‘archived’ or something like that. This counts for all topics off course in this community.

Anyone any thoughts on this? Is there already somebody who is maintaining this environment? Maybe there is, didn’t look for it yet.

For now, bye.

The Tado geofence function is only working with a subscription, right?

Yes. But I can also confirm that it works very very well.
The only other one that works consistently for me is the Google Home one. It might be possible to trigger a virtual device in Google Home and propagate it that way into Homey?

I guess it is.

My thermostat came with geofence included (2017) :sunglasses: