Powerview and Homey

I have installed powerview hub using an ethernet connection with my router (static IP address).
Installed the software on the homey and installed the powerview hub. What is strange is that I have to enter the IP address myself and the homey software also doesn’t recognise the name I have given to the powerview hub. Then I can switch the powerview hub on/ off via the homey app, but the powerview hub itself doesn’t switch off.
Moreover, using the action cards of a homey flow, the homey software doesn’t recognise the scenes that I created in the powerview app. Anyone any idea what could be wrong?
Thx for any suggestions.

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Seems like a common error with powerview, I don’t have the product itself, but if you look at the Git page you’ll see the following issue:

Don’t know if your are dutch, but it translates to the same issues as you are experiencing.

Dear Martijn,
Indeed this seems to be a similar issue…but no feedback or solution is provided.
Anyone having any suggestion?


It looks like the app is complete gone. Is this commom with homey?

I think it is because the app is in BETA. Therefore you can only download it from github.

Hello, I wonder which app you are referring to that is completely gone.
I still have the power view and the homey app at my phone, however, unfortunately, the homey app does not recognize any of the scenes that I created in the power view app…
Anyone having any clue?


Luxaflex let us know today that the Powerview app for Homey will be published again soon. Because of several updates on both sides things didn’t work anymore, but now they have decided to continue the support of Homey and fix the app.

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today I had perfect service from luxaflex for my not anymore propery functioning powerview; And now I am trying to fix it again to the homeyflows… Not (jet) available I read… We wait, I can’t wait! It was a nice organism when it worked, but totally collapsed about 3 month ago due to a complet power fallout in my house.

App is in the appstore!

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What’s the app called, have a link please?

Thanks!! We are about to order some Luxaflex Duettes.

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Is the App that is now available again only to send signals to the hub or can ot now use flows to send to the shades like duettes it self? It is unclear for me at the moment. Can you help me out?

@martijnpoppen will tell you all there is to know, but yes, you can control individual blinds, when added to Homey. :slight_smile:

But sure to use this app;

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@Dijker can we close this and make sure it links to [APP][PRO] Powerview- Luxaflex & Hunter Douglas ?

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