Luxaflex app not finding blinds?


New member of the Homey family, so please excuse me if I have missed something or this has been answered before. I tried the search function but could not find anything.

I have recently bought Luxaflex blinds and was hoping to add this to Homey so that I can control them there. However, when I download the app and add Devices i can only add the Hub itself. There are no blinds visible, and the only option I have of interacting with the hub is to turn the hub on and off.

Is there something I am missing here in turns of getting the actual blinds in?

Your help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


You can create scenes in the Luxaflex Powerview app. These scenes can be triggered from a flow in Homey.

And you did read the discription on the app pages ofcourse

Edit already explaned above my post :arrow_up::arrow_up:

Thomass, do you have blinds that are working with powerview?

Can you share your experience with it?

Does it work fine with the powerview app and how are the remotes?

@Wouter642 All my blinds are controlled bij Homey via the Powerview hub. Working flawless. Created multiple scenes per blind (e.g. open, center & closed) and a few ‘scenario’ scenes like ‘day’ and ‘night’. Fibaro switches control these scenes. Other scenes are started based on sun events.

What you cannot do is control the exact position of a blind via Homey. I use the Powerview app (excellent app) or remote for that. But that’s like max once per month.

I’m happy with this settup, because I can still control all my blinds if Homey is down.

@RoyWissenburg If it is this text on the app page you are referring to then I did read it (several times actually), but I did not find it very explanatory. But now that I know how it works I am a happy camper. Thanks for the explaination @HarriedeGroot.

@Wouter642 Yes, I have them Connected to the powerview hub and a pebble remote to control them if I wish. Both works fine and I am very satisfied. The only issue I have is that some of the blinds seem to be “missing” the signal from time to time. For instance, I have a “good morning” scene scheduled every morning that should raise all the blinds, but not all the blinds nesscessarily responds and open up. Minor annoyance though.

Thanks for your explanation.
Do you have the blinds wired or on batteries? If you on batteries, how often do you charge them
Is it a limitation of the app that you can’t say go this exact position or a limitation of powerview?(I am a developer so if it’s limitation of the app, I can look to extend this one)
Another question I still have, does it has two-way communication?

Thanks, sounds good.
Maybe something with the range of the hub, so the distance is to long and the signal is to weak to retrieve?

All my blinds are wired except one. Battery live depends on blind type & size. Didn’t change the batteries yet. I’m expecting a battery lifetime > year with daily usage (down in evening, up in morning).

The position of the blinds can be precisely controlled from the PowerView app. So it’s a limitation of the Homey app.

Blind <=> hub is 2 way communication
Hub <= Homey is one way (homey doesn’t know the blinds, only trigger scenes)



Sounds good, my three blinds will be all on batteries.
Oke that’s nice, when I have my blinds I will have a look to improve the app.

Thanx for the information!

I also have 6 powerview duette shades and all work fine. Now i am still playing with some scenes to be activated automaticly by homey.

Also the new update of the luxaflex app with Siri is working very good. I am waiting for my repeater because sometimes my blinds lose the Signal.

When you change the scene in the powerview app you have to readd the powerview hub in Homey. What are your experiance with this?


Ik heb hetzelfde probleem. In de Homey app kan ik de powerview hub selecteren en aan/uit zetten.
Als actie kaartje kan je ook kiezen activeer een scene. Helaas vind de homey app dan geen enkele scene, terwijl ik wel scenes in de powerview app heb aangemaakt. De scenes in de powerview app werken ook met de automation.

Heeft iemand een goed idee?

Heel erg bedankt,

Hallo iedereen,

Ik ben nog wat verder gaan zoeken en ik twijfel nu eigenlijk of de homey de powerview hub wel echt herkent.

Je kan de powerview hub aan/uit zetten via de homey, maar er gebeurt helemaal niets.
Ook vind ik het raar dat als je de homey naar de powerview laat zoeken om te installeren dan moet ik zelf het ip adres invullen en de naam die ik de powerview hub heb gegeven word ook niet overgenomen door Homey.
Ik heb de powerview hub met een ethernet kabel aan mijn router vervonen, dus het IP adres is statisch.

Bij voorbaat dank voor elke suggestie,

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I am sorry…I did not realise I was on an english forum writing in Dutch.

So, I’'l try again.
I have installed powerview hub using an ethernet connection with my router (static IP address).
Installed the software on the homey and installed the powerview hub. What I find strange is that I have to enter the IP address myself and the homey software also doesn’t recognise the name I have given to the powerview hub. Then I can switch the powerview hub on/ off via the homey app, but the powerview hub itself doesn’t switch off.
Moreover, using the action cards of a homey flow, the homey software doesn’t recognise the scenes that I created in the powerview app. Anyone any idea what could be wrong?
Thx for any suggestions.

Kind regards,


Did you solve your issue?
I have my PV hub all set and installed the app on homey but the scenes from PV hub isn’t showing on homey.