Luxaflex Powerview features in Homey Pro

I recently purchased several Luxaflex blinds and the PowerView hub, which I want to integrate with my Homey Pro system. In my current setup, Homey requires a fixed IP for the PowerView hub and is only able to run pre-defined scenes from the PowerView app.

I was expecting more features and the ability to control the individual blinds.

Appreciates all experience from other users about this integration of Luxaflex Powerview devices. Thanks

PowerView Hub 2.0
PowerView app version 3.1.1
Homey Pro PowerView app version 1.0.0

You are right. You can only select scenes. But, is it a problem?
Setting individual blinds with Homey (or the Powerview app for that matter) is very difficult. You cannot get them exactly right, especially when two or more are next to each other. The physical remote does this job much better.

But, do I ever use that one? Not really. I have five scenes for different situations, which works perfectly. The whole point of automation is that you don’t have to touch anything (or much) anymore. The systems works for you. So, I think this implementation is perfect and I would say; give it a try. I bet you won’t miss anything if you program your scenes well.

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You are probably right that the number of different scenes needed in “everyday life” is limited. However, it would be nice to have the ability to control the individual blinds in the Homey app, and have the ability to obtain current position of the various blinds in flow logics etc. E.g. a button is pressed, if open then close, if closed the open.

I get what you’re saying but the status is there if you use a specific scene. For example; fully closed, half open, fully open. You can use that in flows, just write it to a logic variable. And again; even if you had the ability to control an individual blind I’m sure you’d stop using it after a while. Because it sucks and because you don’t need it. But hey, that’s just me. :slight_smile: It’s not there and they won’t add it, so that’s it. :wink:

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I have also a scene called ‘Playful’

FYI; Luxaflex is currently checking if they will update the app to SDK3. They’ll come back with an answer within a few days.

@Martijn_C thats interesting :stuck_out_tongue:
A week ago I shared my Homey ID to get the app transferred to me.
No update on that yet. But that will probably be the case.

I already made some changes and the app allows individual shade control. Also when you connect it to Google Home :slight_smile:

Haha seriously? That’s really weird. This afternoon tegen PR manager said they are in contact with the developer to update it. :joy: Probably you then.

But that’s good news since your apps are pretty awesome! And I can still control my 12 Duettes!! :champagne:

By the way; please keep scène control. :wink:

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Yeah I’m in contact with Alex (from Homey).
So lets see when that happens

Yes i do. So the hub is there to trigger scènes. And then you can add individual shades:


So these shades you can add via the Powerview Hub to Homey? I have tried to control individual shades via the Powerview app but that was horrible. Too little precision to set them all the same heights. The remote (and then a scene) did the job. Maybe with Homey the precision is better. You can probably set percentages then.

Does that also work with top down bottom up Duettes?

Yeah the official doesn’t allow the precision. When you set a value via Homey (percentage) you can then later in the official app save it as a scene.

The image I shared is a top down bottom up.

I also have my “lamellen” connected to it.

The only thing is to control the second motor its called rotation. Which for the duette doesn’t make sense ofcourse. But for the other devices it does.

So i can also ask Google to rotate my lamellen :slight_smile:

Cool! Can’t wait to try it out. Keep up the good work!
And buy a beer. :wink::beers:

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No me neither. Hopefully the transfer goes fast :smiley:

And many thanks! Appreciated :slight_smile:

App transfer is in progress today :slight_smile:

See new community topic for support: [APP][PRO] Powerview- Luxaflex & Hunter Douglas

@Dijker can you close this topic as there’s an official topic now? :smiley:

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