Google and luxaflex powerview


New owner to a homey and tried to control stuff with google home.
For example aqara temp sensor, but figure that doesn’t work?

Anyway to my main question.
I have several luxaflex powerview product and set up all with rooms scenes and al that (works perfect in PV app)

But when I install the app to homey i can see the device but not the scenes, what am I doing wrong?

I have a set up address.

Don’t have powerview yet. but let me try to help here. You need to look at flows for controlling the powerview through your Homey.

Thanks alot

I’m trying to figure all out and will true flows in a week or so but seems like i have to learn it faster.

Anyway, isn’t powerview suppose to be below?
How else can I choose it?

We all have to start somewhere. And to answer your question. The powerview device is in the zone where you have placed it. In that zone it will be selectable do make it do stuff in your flow(s). Keep exploring

I have several Luxaflex products with PowerView.

You are not able to control the individual Luxaflex products within Homey. Instead you need to create different scenes in the PW app. These scenes then become available in Homey. Just as an example you can create a scene where the shutter is 100% closed, one where it is 50% closed and so on. You can create as many scenes as you like. A bit more cumbersome to get it up and running, but once you have created the scenes the Homey integration works like a charm.

Good luck!

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Ah, see we all learn something. Thanks for this. I’m going to use this for when finally I have my Powerview powered shades.