Motorised blinds HD/luxaflex (powerview) and temp sensor


i have 15 motorised powerview blinds from Luxaflex/hunter douglas with a Hub 2.0 and is now thinking about using a Homey with these products.

I know we have a plugin for it but my question is:
Are there anyone controling your powerview blinds with an Aqara temperature sensor (or any other sensor), eg. when the temperature is above 25 C “activate lowest poss”??

david/first time user

I don’t know your blinds and I have not checked the Homey App-Store to see if they are supported by Homey.
But in general such processes can be automated with homey.

With Homey you can only control the scènes you Made in the Luxaflex hub. Do you make a scene with all your blinds closed, you can control that with a flow in Homey.

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Hi Arjan

thanks for the help.
Perhaps you can help me with my other question.

Since powerview have restricted me to have 31 scenes in the powerview app, can i create 2 scenes per product (open/close) 15x2 = 30 scenes.

Then create flows in homey to control them how i like?
so in the end i have 60 flows in homey? (just an example)