Powerview luxaflex not in the appstore?

Can t find the powerview luxaflex app in the appstore, I saw a response 4 days ago it was there again. Just removed my first version which was disabled. Hoped to find the new version but it is not there…
Try again next week or is there something wrong with it?

Guess you read this already this

It’s already here but I don’t know why it cannot be found in the Homey appstore:

Powerview is working again! excellent!

I’m considering installing Luxaflex and have just heard that it haven’t been working with Homey any longer, for a while now.

Is this still the case or can I setup flows s as usual?

Still working fine! Powerview app
In flows on time, temperature and light, and on a remote (Kaku) for the housemates who sometimes like to be in control, with a time blocking the automatic flows. Everybody happy :smirk::+1:

Hi luxaflex powerview users,

Can you please tell if its tells you the state of your blinds? so if you drop the blinds for just 30%, that i can see this feedback in the app? Thank you :slight_smile:

just checked: when you’re in the Hub; in the same WIFI network, you can see the actual position. But you then can also just lift your head from the mobilephone and look at the window to see its position :nerd_face:
When you by 4G will access your powerview, there is the remote-connect, with less functions, tab rooms are off, you can only set activate scienes or programs.