Power and energy are not updated (Qubino and Fibaro)

I have some similar problems with Fibaro Walli Switch (FGWDSEU-221):
– same settings
– same hardware firmware
– different date when I added these devices (= different Homey FW and different Fibaro app version!)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-30 um 10.55.14 Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-30 um 10.55.02

The left one “Walli Switch HWR” was added some month ago.
The right one “Walli Switch Spiegellicht Bad” was added some days ago.
So I guess Athom made some changes at the Homey firmware and/or the Fibaro app between the first and the second installation.

Is that the case for you as well?

Regarding the Fibaro RS2 please read this thread.

Conclusion of this thread
From my point of view, there are two possibilities that cause the problem:
– different installation date (as already mentioned)
– different “blind position” report type (but you say that the parameter are equal, so this can’t be the point)

Anyway, I would like to ask you to inform Athom about the problem.