Fibaro Double Switch not working correctly (and maybe Z-wave and/or Zigbee network issues)

Hi all,

I have a question about Fibaro devices acting weird and possibly the z-wave network.

I have several Fibaro double switches. They worked without issues.
But recently I discovered that some time ago (possibly months) they started having issues. I noticed it recently when I discovered that the power consumption on one of them was stuck. It displayed the same number all the time, while that is not possible, and the Homey app indicated it was update “a year ago”.

What I now can see is that when I open the advanced settings for S1 on the switch, it displays all settings and information as it should. And I can change them.
But when I do the same for the S2 switch, there are no settings at all. Even not the S2 related settings, which should be there.

I restarted Homey several times. Updated to the last version. Removed a double switch from Homey and re-added it again. All without positive result.
Though, the switch I re-added seems to be displaying the power consumption correctly now. But S2 settings cannot be changed.

When I take a look at the Developer Tools (Homey Developer Tools), the S2 switches are not shown. And there is an Unknown Node, for which I do not know which it is. Heal and Test do nothing, except errors (e.g. REQUEST_NEIGHBOR_UPDATE_FAILED, Node 17 is unreachable or [object Object]).

Also switching to the Zigbee page on the Developer Tools results in errors, though all devices (nodes) are there, but without routes (all question marks, except for 1 device) and starting Inverview does nothing, except Interviewing without result or message.

What is going on? Is my Z-Wave network broken? And Zigbee maybe too?
Is there anything I can do?

Help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Homey version: 8.0.1
Homey model: Early 2016
App version:
Fibaro app version: 3.4.1

Other apps and devices using Z-wave:
BeNext (P1 dongle), which seems to be working without issues
Other apps and devices using Zigbee:
Aqara, frient, Philips Hue, Osram Lightify

S1 settings

S1 settings device info at bottom

S2 settings, well not much of a settings page

This isn’t just a question though :stuck_out_tongue: long question needs long answers:
Though if you searched your questions you most likely would have found them all, they are all answered many times before, with exception of the S2 device questions.

S2 is a so called “child device” and is only a virtual device that is internally bound to the S2 input and Q2 output (also just an end point in the z-wave device).
a child device can’t have settings as settings need to be send to the main node, which the S1 “device” is, technically S1’s endpoint could have a virtual device too, but that would be exactly the same as the main node’s behaviour, so Homey doesn’t expose that one.

If a value is stuck then it indeed is probably either being too far away (directly connected most users have a maximum of 7 meters with Nothing in between, this lowers a lot if there is something in between), or something is interfering with the device’s signal, there are many, many things that can do that.
Z-wave is a mesh network, so if you have (many) multiple mains powered devices, they should create a mesh to communicate together, just look into the Main Node list in the developer tools to see what connections are there.

As said above, S2 is just a virtual device, only main nodes are being displayed here.

Unknown node = a failed to include device, when you press “test” and it is deemed unreachable, then you click “remove”, and the unknown node is gone, if it is reachable you’ll have to find the culprit device in real life, and take it’s power off and repeat the steps.
Technically you don’t really have to bother as it won’t hurt anything in the mesh/system.

Zigbee routes can take several days to show the route on the developer page with Homey for some reason.