Port Forwarding - Also from remote web browser?

I have set up port forwarding for my Homey Pro (2023) on my router and correspondingly in the Homey app on the iPhone. Very nice and works great!
What if I want to use the same priciple from a remote web-browser, e.g. from Safari on my Mac at work - Is it possible and how?

Presuming the app and the browser communicate the same way with your Homey the answer is yes. Just switch of the WiFi of your telephone and start your browser to test.

How does the browser/Homey-app know what global IP-address/hostname to look for?
How will it find my router?

By using Athom cloud servers… :man_shrugging:t3:

So it uses Athom cloud services to be able to not use Athom cloud services? :smiley:
I guess only to find the Homey, after that it goes directly to the Homey.

No, it also requires the cloud services for authentication (if the app hasn’t been authenticated yet).

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Think it always uses the cloud servers when accessing Homey from remote browser. The URL in the browser doesn’t change, it’s My Homey… all the time.

Well the browser uses frames to display information from your homey.
In your browser type the url https://YourPublicIp:4859 and you will get a direct response from your Homey :grin:

The code (+ HTML + CSS) for the web app are served from Athom servers, nothing from that is hosted by your Homey directly. The app communicates with your Homey through the Web API.

I didn’t say the direct response is human readable.:grin:
It will be something like


One of the scariest thing is opening ports with port forwarding. Infact you are creating a leak in your firewall. I would at least use a VPN connection to connect with my router to ensure some security.
Wij not port forwarding? Because you do not have a password security and on internet there are port crawlers which are checking which ports are open and can we access any apparatus or even a router directly.