Port Forwarding with Eero Pro 6e

Hi. I have been trying to set up port forwarding on my Homey Pro using a Eero Pro 6e. However I keep getting error. I would appreciate any guidance on this matter. I am attaching a screen grab from my homey app as well as my eero pro 6e port forwarding page.
Thank you in advance.

Try configuring port forwarding in the Homey app on a mobile network and not your home (WiFi) network.

Thank you for your quick reply. Still no luck. Same error.

Is there anything else you may suggest?

Followed all steps (??):

Triple checked that now. The screen grab I attached above is for the last step on the website you shared. Thank you. Any other suggestion, please?

FYI I have restarted both homey and Eero and this did not fix it.

Does your provider support port forwarding? Or did they put you behind cgNat?

Is above your provider modem/router ?

Is the outside IP of the
Eero Pro 6e a public accessible IP?

Had to do a bit of research. Never heard about cg nat. Just checked and I believe I am behind CG NAT.

Am I right to say I will not be able to port forward?

When you’re behind cgnat, the IP doesn’t solely point to your internet connection, but also to one or more others.

It should be possible to request a non-cgnat connection @ your internet provider to make it possible to reach your Homey from internet.

Port forwarding is not recommended though:
Do you have a specific reason to enable it?