Outdoor connection zigbee

I am looking for a solution to cover my garden with Zigbee. I have a Homey Pro at home, a Raspberry with HomeAssistant in the workshop on which a ConBee II USB stick is connected (also added to Homey from the DeCONZ app).

All the walls are stone and are 50cm thick.

For the interior of buildings, no problem with signals, I managed to place the 230V modules to cover all around.

For the exterior, the stone walls do not allow the signal to reach a module which is in the garden.

My first idea was to add a second ConBee II USB stick in a waterproof box in the garden, but I can only connect one to Homey’s DeCONZ app.

I am concentrating all in Homey, and I want to keep this method. Home Assistant is only a visual interface and does not handle any automation.

What solution can I put in place to cover the garden?
Is there another Homey compatible USB stick?

Listening to any solution.

Thank you

Why do you want 2 or maybe 3 different Zigbee networks (don’t know if you use Homey as Zigbee GateWay)? This can cause further problems.

I have also stone walls and it works. Maybe you need to place 1 or 2 repeating devices near the inside of the wall and 1 or 2 at the outside.
Another possible solution may be a strong repeater like this one (sorry, only in German).

Thank you for your answer.
What problems can be encountered?

Yes Homey is used in Zigbee and Zwave for the home.

I also thought of putting a 230V module near a workshop window and another outside not very far. It could be a solution to test.

I’m using several routers (Plugs and some Ikea repeaters) next to windows and also on the balcony. My stone walls are 50cm thick + 15-20cm insulation…no problems at all.


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Each Zigbee network (Homey, ConBee No. 1, ConBee No .2) must transmit on a different 2.4 GHz channel. And then there is also the 2.4 GHz channel of the WLAN. The problem is that the channels can interfere with each other.