Ledvance Smart + WiFi Plug Outdoor in Homey PRO?

Hi all.
Hope someone can help me with their skills.

I have some Ledvance Smart + WiFi plugs, and i was Happy an thougt they would work with the Ledvance Smart + App, but this was not the case (only zigbee plugs :-(. )

Does anyone have a solution or an app that could work for this?
Need the WiFi because the Zigbee and Z-Wave+ dont reach.

Hope that all expertis in the community can help me out.

For you to check: When you can add them to the Tuya Smart / Smartlife phone app, you can control them with Homey.

If it’s possible to add one, or more, zigbee plugs in between Homey and the plug, you can extend the range

Have tried your tip now, but no luck.
Tuya and smartlife say thats this plug is not supporter. See pictures.

Zigbee or Z-wave i have tried and put the indoor plug as close to the outdoor as possible but we have a brickwall so this does not work.

Any more suggestions?

Zigbee / zwave should go through a brick wall just fine, but the range between both routers probably gets shorter.

Have tried with Nexa Z-wave +
This plug: sorry that it is in Swedish

Works great when I have the Homey Pro 2-3m away, but when i change and put it on the otherside of the Ytong wall it will not work, tried 2 different plugs and same thing.

433 dont reach, so thats why i tried z-wave but no luck, and then the try with Ledvance plug but not supported on Homey

Will try the z-wave plug again tomorrow and comeback.

Thank you for your support!!! :slight_smile:

Tried the z-wave plugs again.
Work fine 2-3m from homey,but then i move it to the other room 6m away i fails to find it.
Can it be some problem with my Homey Pro on the z-wave ”band” ?

Update again, tried 3 of the plug now, all work and fit to the Homey when its 2-3m away, but direct when i move the plug the room next door it fail ti find the plug.
So can it be a error on the Homey Pro? All of my testning now point that way but you for sure have more expertis:-)

You should add an extra router inside the house, close to the wall. This way the signal should reach a few meters from the other side of that wall.

Maybe i was unclear.
The test i did with 2-3 metes and about 6m are both inside and here its only a 20cm ytong wall and door between the room was open.
But i read that Homey Pro early 2023 have has Problema with z-wave and the error i got.

So problem seam to be the Homey Pro and not the distance so i will contact Athom and see what they say. Will update you after this.

Kind regard

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