Ledvance Wifi lights in Homey - confirmed workaround

For anyone looking to connect Ledvance Wifi lights (and possibly plugs) to Homey, I have found a workaround. It is tested successfully on Ledvance Wifi Sun@Home Platon Plus light panel.

  1. Connect the Ledvance app (Smart+ Wifi) as per instructions on the light source

  2. Install Amazon Alexa app on your phone. Create an account if you do not have one. You do not need to own any Amazon devices.

  3. In the Amazon App, add new device, choose Smart Light Light (Smart Life Plug should work for plugs). Connect to the Ledvnace/Smart Life account from step 1.

  4. Install https://homey.app/no-no/app/com.amazon.alexa/Amazon-Alexa/ on your Homey. Configure the app and connect to the Amazon account from step 2.

  5. Add a new device on your Homey. Choose Amazon Alexa som produsent. Choose Smart Light at the bottom as type (or Smart Plug).

  6. Enjoy!

Brightness and color control works as expected. There is a slight delay (1-3 seconds) on commands, as they have to traverse both the Amazon cloud and the Ledvance Cloud.


Thank you GN, works like a charm!!

Thank you GTN, looks easier than the SmartThings solution

Thanks, it really works. Only bad thing is that you have to sign in to Alexa every now and then in the app settings.

Thank you, it worked great. Bonus for me is that I tried the same with IKEA dirigera and finally I got it to talk with homey👍

It only partly work for me. I have the Ledvance Globe 125 RGBW bulb in the Alexa app and it works. I can control on/off, dim level and color.
I have no problem adding it to Homey via the Amazon app as a Smart Light.
I can control on/off and dim level, but not colors in Homey. Otherwise this solution would have been perfect for me.

Anyone has been able to make RGB ledvance work in Homey?

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