Can't add ledvance smartplug


Homey doesnt seem to find my ledvance smartplug. I did a few resets of the plug and homey. Other Zigbee devices work properly. Anyone familiar with this issue? The regular ledvance app has no trouble finding the plug.

If I remember correctly I had similar problems. I believe I managed to pair the device by just pressing the reset button for as long as it took for the pairing to start, way longer than the 10 seconds. The pairing process might also start at the moment I released the button. Anyway keep pressing the button for several clicks, longer than 10 secs.

I’ve got the same issue.
Spent 1h on trying this now and nothing happens. Works fine with the LDV app. Honey does nothing.

Hoping homey can update something to make this work.

I returned them. I really need homey integration.

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Works with wifi:

Same here in 2023 with the latest Homey Pro!!! This is so bad. I can pair the plug with the app on iPhone, but the Homey app do not see anything. I also tried to reset the plug an install it to Homey first, but the Homey app does nothing!!! Tomorrow I will return these Ledvance-boxes I bougt yesterday if I can’t figure it out until then

This is not the fault of Homey or Athom, but of the developer of the app, and that is LEDVANCE itself. If you want to complain, please contact LEDVANCE. The contact information can be found in the App Store at the bottom of the LEDVANCE app page.

But I have one more question. Which smart plug did you buy? Zigbee, WiFi or Bluetooth?