Philips Hue controler and Ledvance smart +


It is my first time here in this forum.
I have installed at home for more than 1 Year a Philips Hue controller, some lights and 2 of this Ledvance smart plugs. Now I dry to install another Ledvance plug, but my software at my smartphone did not find this new plug. I am near annough at the controller, I resetet the plug a lot of times, but my Hus App cannot find this new plug ( I dry to install 2 different peaces because I thiught first on a hardware failure).

Did someone had any idea, what is wrong here. I although disconnected my VPN tunnel, both at computer an Smartphone. Without any success.

Hopefully somebody can help me. Thanks a lot!!!

Regards S. Ullrich

Your question doesn’t seem to be related to Homey. Perhaps look for a more Philips/Hue-specific forum?


What Hue app are hou referring to?