Eva Smart Plug worked at version 10.0.4 but stopped working at 10.0.5

My " EVA Zigbee Smart Plug 16A" ( URL ) worked for a while and then it stopped working around Homey version 10.0.2 or something. The error was that “Zigbee is busy, try again later”. I made a ticket (#108780) and after that, version 10.0.4 was out and suddenly my Eva Smart Plug worked fine again. But then, version 10.0.5 was out and now the device has stopped working again. I’ve tried restarting the plug and Homey to no effect. The error now is " Device Unavailable. Zigbee is starting. Please wait a minute and try again."

Is it possible to roll back to version 10.0.4 to see if it works again?

Restart the app should fix your issue (as workaround, of course still contact Athom to make them aware if the issue)

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wow that fixed it! thank you! yes i updated the ticket with a link to this issue so they are informed.