Osram outdoor Plug linked to my Native Zigbee network?

Hi all,

Some time ago I bought some Osram outdoor plugs.
When I pair them to Homey (within 20cm from Homey) using the Zigbee option without an app I can add them to Homey. Same goes for using the actual Osram app or the Ledvance app. But when I place them outdoor it looks like they can’t be reached although I have some Hue lamps (connected without hub) within 10 meters from the Osram plugs. When I check zigbee network I see the plugs connected to Homey directly without an additional step via the Hue lamps.

Can somebody help me understand why the Hue lights are not used as a repeater to extend the zigbee reach? I read about 100 topics on this forum that’s why I paired within 20cm of Homey and tried to pair with the two apps and the native Homey zigbee option.


That’s not the correct method. Pair the devices close to where you want to use them. Or allow a reasonable amount of time (a few hours) after moving the devices so they can find the other parts of the network and (hopefully) create more sensible routes.