Repeater aqara sensoren

I am looking for a repeater for aqara sensors osram plug in and ikea signal amplifiers are not working

Please don’t wonder, the text is curiously because I can only move my head. Thank you for your understanding.

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Jürgen Manthey

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I assume that the IKEA and Osram devices were added to Homey’s Zigbee network first (by adding them to Homey through their respective apps)?

I use both Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri light bulbs. Both work as a router in my Zigbee Mesh and they are used by the aqara sensors as well.

no why?

Repeater devices are not plug-and-play: they need to be made part of the Zigbee network (by pairing them with Homey, which is the Zigbee network controller) before they act as a repeater for other devices in the network.

To clarify: I didn’t mean that you have to add the repeater devices to Homey before adding the other devices to Homey.

ok i try it thanks


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Hello Juergen
I am suffering the sam problems.
How were you able to get the network information visible ?

Thank you,
that was a big help.


I have 2 osram plugs.
My intention was also to make them a repeater. In the dev/zigbee page I see that all my zigbee devices are directly connected with homey, while it would make more sense that (most of them) first they connect to the osram plug (because this plug is much closer to aqara button, than to homey).

I can switch the osram plugs on/off in homey, so they are added correctly. I thus don’t understand how I can force these plugs to function as a repeater.

Any help welcome.

The developer zigbee view is displaying all devices directly connected to homey for some minutes. Then it’s updated and the repeater are show in the hop-list (if used). Just wait some minutes after loading this page and check if it’s changing.

The device takes the best routing, that doesnt mean it should connect to the plug instead of directly to homey.

This is about the Hubitat hub but I think a lot of it, among others their advices about repeaters suitable for aqara, is interesting to read.

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