ZigBee-Mesh Hue+Homey


I have a question about the ZigBee mesh.
I have many Hue lights and Osram plugs assigned to the Hue hub. The hub uses a defined channel.
Many lights work as repeaster (power connected).

Now I want to use Aqara ZigBee sensors in Homey (directly using the Xiaomi/Aqara ZigBee app).

Will these sensors be includes into the existing mesh? Or is homey providing a parallel mesh (other channel?). Using these sensors is only useful if Homey calls are repeated by the Hue devices. Else I would need repeater only for reaching the sensors at the roof windows.
Is ist possible to use Homey-ZigBee-devices in the Hue-hub-mesh?

Thanks for your help.

No, a Zigbee network can only have one controller, so a sensor has to be paired with either Homey or the Hue hub, but it cannot be paired with both.

The channel is irrelevant: multiple Zigbee controllers can use the same channel, but they still create separate networks from each other.

Or chose to abandon the Hue Hub and bind Hue lights directly to Homey Zigbee

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There are downsides to that solution, though.

Hi Robert, fast answer :slight_smile:
Ok, it needs 2 meshes for 2 controllers.
And devices will only repeat signals from their own controller? Other ZigBee signals are ignored, because it doen’s come from their controller?
Or will a repeater repeat all signals also from unknown devices or other controllers (like a hub/switch in LAN)?

No, that’s not a working solution. The Homey Hue app misses a lot of functionality (Timer, wake up, Osram plugs etc.)

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Correct. Of course, you could add some additional (cheap) repeater devices to your Homey mesh in order to extend specifically that mesh.

Thanks, Robert.
Good to know before ordering sensors in gearbest. I’ll check if I have some unused Osram plugs…and free wall plugs in useable places.

Goodmorning, if i have understand i can controll many zigbee device Xiaomi, osram, Philips and co . Simply Adding all device to homey and, for extend the zigbee range, Adding also some repeater device compatibile with homey , but what device zigbee repeater are compatibile? I know only Xiaomi camera but i think isn’t compatibile, thank

Almost all devices that are permanently powered (like lightbulbs or switchable sockets) act as repeater.

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thank you, so, if I add in homey an ikea tadfri light( zigbee) then the light start to repeat the homey’s zigbee signal to the Xiaomi temperature sensor ( for example)


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thank you so much

This should be the case, but since a month my homey refuses to create a mesh network

Homey isn’t in control of the mesh, that’s something that is done automatically between devices.

However, certain devices are more picky than others with respects to which other devices/brands they want to “talk” to, but that falls beyond Homey’s control.

hi, robert, can you help me again? I’m looking for an tradfri bulb e27 dimmerable TRÅDFRI Kit con dimmer, smart intensità regolabile wireless/bianco caldo, E27 - IKEA Italia
i see in the app only the bulb , not the dimmer, it’s because is incompatible or I can add rotating dimmer ?it’s the same? , the tradfri bulb still working right? and the bulb

is a repeater correct? thank you

That dimmer isn’t supported by Homey. The rotating dimmer is supported, but I don’t know how well it works with Homey.

And yes, the bulb will act as a repeater for your Zigbee network.

I own such a thing, or to be more precise: it is in the “ not in use because wife hates it” drawer
The rotating dimmer is a difficult device in combination with homey. When rotating/rotated it communicates a value between 0 and 1. Sometimes multiple times per second. To get it to work slightly dependable you have to create lots of flows and to prevent them from being triggered to often you have to add lots of delays which makes it feel unresponsive.
If a small portable dimmer switch is what you are looking for I prefer the aqara wireless switch (with gyro) these work reliably and flows can be made without adding delays which makes it considerably more responsive.

Thank you guys , nono i don’t Need the dimmer but i’ve see the bundle and for less the 10 euros i think was a good buy , if i found only the bulb i’ll take the bulb, yeah i’ve the Xiaomi switch and the smart Cube aqara they work very well

hi guys, I’ve buy only the tradfri bulb and I’m doing some range experiment, at the first moment I’ve comfiurate the bulb 3m from the homey, all works great, after I’ve installed the bulb 9m from homey , in a first moment all work but after 2 hour, the bulb was disconnect( out of range I think, the error was MAC add if I remember) so I’ve reconfigurate the bulb and put him closely 7m all work fine, the motion sensor Xiaomi to on/off the bulb is far 4m from it and I think 11m from homey. and now my question is: how many device can I add to homey (pro)? I need to link 12 ikea tradfri, 7 Aqara temperature sensor, 5 Xiaomi motion sensor, 14. Xiaomi/aqara door sensor, 1 Aqara magic cube and 1 Xiaomi switch… it’s possible with only 1 homey pro ? thanks