ZigBee-Mesh Hue+Homey

In theory, yes, that should be possible. But no one can definitively tell you that it’s actually going to work, because it depends on too many variables. Be sure to add the router devices (the ones that are always powered, like the IKEA Tradfri bulbs) to Homey first, perhaps even wait a few hours after adding them for the mesh to settle before you start adding end-devices.

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Thank you Robert, if i have understand you say to install before the tradfri bulb instead ending device , but now for example, i’ve installed the bulb After a lot of sensors, do you think the system not work proprelly , how can i see if All Is meshed?

If you add end devices (like sensors), you can run into the limit of about 20 devices that Homey has. If you add router devices (like lightbulbs), the sensors will (hopefully) connect to those instead of to Homey directly.

The mesh is (somewhat) shown here: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee (it may take a while after opening that page for the routing to be shown properly)

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thank’s Robert,

so if I’ ve understand all device are connect to homey and no one to router ikea , right?, but if i buy a new sensor and I paring it to homey, near the router ikea, the new device hopefully will connect to homey but via ikea bulb, right? thank you

Yes, it looks like the devices are connected to Homey directly. You cannot force devices to use one router or the other (nor can Homey), that’s why it makes more sense to add router devices first, let them build a mesh, and hope that sensors will use a mesh router instead of Homey (more routers means more choice for the sensor device to connect to one).

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Thak for your help Robert, you’re very kind.

Good morning Robert,
I have the same problem with zigbee.
We’re in a 2 floors house. On the floor where homey is located there are no problems. On the second floor, zigbee signal range from good to nothing.
Can you recommend some items to create a zigbee mesh? Not bulbs anyway.
Ps: with hue hub, I have no problems in the same places where the couple homey +aquara wireless button switch have zero signal.

Thank you again for your help

For me, the IKEA repeater devices work quite well to extend my Zigbee mesh.

Thank you Robert,
As soon as it will be possible to reach an Ikea store I’ll get a couple.

You’re always kind and useful.


This is true, but I recently got a hue bridge, since I connected my ikea bulbs to the hue bridge, the responsetime of the bulbs are a lot faster, so now I’ve got one ikea smartplug for extending my zigbee range of the homey conneted to the homey and the rest connected thru the hue bridge

All my light are controlled by aqara wall switches (and thus by homey)

So I can use the IKEA zigbee repeater for routing my aqara devices?

As far as I know aqara devices can only connect to homey or the aqara hub

In my situation, the aqara devices are connected to my homey and the ikea bulbs are connected to the hue bridge.I control the lights by adding the ikea lights thru the hue app on the homey

I have plenty of Aqara devices that get routed through IKEA bulbs and repeaters.

You’re right, I ment that aqara switches cannot connect to the ikea or hue bridge. Only to the homey, with or without ikea bulbs or other router devices.

Note that bulbs or other router devices can only act as router for homey as they are connected to homey

In my case that means that the bulbs I moved from homey to the hue bridge cannot be routers for the homey anymore

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Thanks for this helpful link to the Developer Tools.