Order of moving from homekit to homey (and back)

Hi. How would i switch from an existing Homekit installation to Homey? In order to avoid dublicates i delete the installation (aka my home) in Homekit. Then i set up Homey, add all my devices and after that i add Homey as a device to HomeKit via experiments. Would this be the correct order?

Thanks for any help.

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Anybody with experience in adding Homey Bridge to an existing Apple Home installation?

Homey Bridge (or rather Homey Cloud) doesn’t have HomeKit support.

I’ve seen a Docker image floating around that would add support for HomeKit to it, but I can’t find it anymore and I don’t think it was either official or working very well.

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Ok. Thank you. Then i might have gotten s.th. wrong. I found these instruction, so i assumed the homey bridge has HomeKit support. As there is no such entry like experiments in the app‘s settings i thought maybe it‘ll appear after installing the homey bridge. Now i read in another post of yours that only homey pro supports experiments. So my options are:
Buy homey bridge and use homey exclusively to control my smart home.
Buy homey pro and use the experimental feature to connect to HomeKit
Leave everything as it is. :smile:

Alternatively, buy a Homey Pro and use HomeKitty to connect to HomeKit. Much better than the HomeKit experiment if you ask me :wink:

But yes, HomeKit in any form is limited to Homey Pro.

:grin: … Great. It‘ll probably take a while until i’m willing and able to spend the € 400 for the Pro. :smirk: . I’m still not sure about the order of installation. Do i just add Homey Pro to my existing HomeKit installation and after that simply switch off the existing bridges (tado, somfy/tahoma/aqara) I want to replace with Homey Pro?

There’s not really an order other than you need to add your devices to Homey (provided that they are supported) before any of the HomeKit implementations for Homey can make them available over HomeKit.

HomeKitty can handle newly added devices to Homey just fine, and I think the HomeKit Experiment does too, so you can start moving only a few devices to Homey to see how it works, then gradually move more devices to Homey. Those devices will then be made available through HomeKit too (provided that there’s support for them).

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That gives me an idea how to proceed. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. Enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers …