Why does Homey Bridge not have HomeKit support?

So I bought a homey bridge recently and I was disappointed to se that it did not have support for Apple HomeKit. So I did some research before and the only way to connect homey with HomeKit is to have the “HomeyKit” app for the bridge which… doesn’t exist. I understand that homey is still in beta testing and quite new, but is there no “official” HomeKit support?

Correct that is part of experimental features in Homey Pro and experimental features are not available in Homey (beta)

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Thanks. Does the “Experimental” part of that mean that it will be “officially” available soon?

Nope. Does only mean it isn’t supported. Maybe also because of

Ok, thanks. So basically it’s because you can add as many virtual devices as you whant

The Homey Bridge hardware is too limited to support HomeKit (plus the Bridge doesn’t support local networking, which is required for HomeKit support).


Ok. Does the Homey Pro have HomeKit support?

Yes, it does.

Too what extend. Will Homey PRO 2023 bring all my connected devices to homekit so I can the data also in my homekit hub? Ie can make the Homey PRO my evohome data available in homekit?

Probably not, because not all Homey devices can be “translated” to HomeKit.

HomeKit only deals with devices, not with data. If you mean “Does Homey Pro make my Evohome devices available in HomeKit” then the answer is “it might”.

You can ask in the Evohome thread if people are using HomeKit with their Homey, and if their Evohome devices are made available.

Thank you